I’m not sure who I’m writing this for, whether myself, or for just about any wandering soul who might read this while navigating the wild winding paths of the internet.

Today I’m disappointed.
I had to deactivate my Etsy stores a few months back because Etsy didn’t comply with some new financial regulation my country requires.
And now today I had to deactivate most of my products on my Zazzle store, because Zazzle, suddenly and without warning, removed watermarks from all our works. A lot of us have protested in the forums but the management at Zazzle does not seem to care if our hard work is easily stolen. Since, they are not bringing back the watermarks, I have no other choice but to deactivate some of my Zazzle products for now.

Notwithstanding, those numerous noob blogs and Youtube videos that brag about how much money they are making on online platforms like Etsy, Zazzle, Redbubble, etc. the fact remains that there is a less talked about dark side which veteran users of such platforms have already discovered, me included. These platforms driven by excessive corporate greed are completely unreliable in the long run for the individual artist.

It’s almost as if one is punished for being honest and hard working in this world, while thieves and unethical people are being rewarded with loads of money.

I have always tried
To fit into this World
But it never made
Any sense to me
To be so deprived
Despite playing it right
Why must I exist side by side
That of people
That take from the innocent
And reward evil

– Poem and Artwork Copyright © Soumya S. Mohanty. Please do not reproduce this poem anywhere else without my permission.

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I’m Soumya, a Graphic Designer. I love all forms of design. I create graphics at www.soumyasdesigns.com/shop

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