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* Type:  DIGITAL PRINTABLE FILES (to print at a print shop)
Here’s how to print the digital file at a professional print shop.

* Instant Download:  NO

* Editable:  NO (final files are non-editable meant for direct printing only)

* File Type:  PDFs

* Size:  4″x4″ (with bleed 4.25″x4.25″ Trim Size: 4″x4″) FOLDABLE to 4″x2″

* Extra Customisation:  Extra fee applicable (if you need extra customisation, like color change, font change, size change, then contact me before purchase to discuss)

* Timeline:  2-4 days (After purchase, and after I receive your finalised guest list for processing your order.)
Please make sure to place order at least 7-10 days before your event, so that there is enough time for me to process, and for you to print it.

* Suite ID:  I Found You Among The Stars

* License:  For Personal or Non-Profit Use only

(If you’re an event planner individual or company and would like to use my design for your client, then a separate Commercial Use License is available. If you need this, please contact me before purchase to discuss. The price listed here is only for Personal/Non-Profit use. Please read details about License and Terms of Use here.)

– This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ITEM. As such, there are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances. Please purchase seriously.
– Please read the FULL LISTING DESCRIPTION (scroll down below) and my shop policies before purchasing, since, by purchasing, you’re confirming that you have read, understood, and agree to all of it. This is to ensure a smooth transaction for you.
Thank you!**

Have questions? Please scroll down to read the full listing description, then feel free to message me!

Suite ID: I Found You Among The Stars

* The mentioned price is for the design as shown which includes:
— guest name text swapping with your guest names
— digital files as mentioned below

* If you want any additional changes such as color change, font change, different size, design change, etc. which affects the overall layout then there’ll be an additional fee. Please contact me if you need extra customisation and I’ll let you know.

* For this listing, the final files are high-resolution for print and non-editable. I’ll be making all edits with your requirements and send you final files meant for direct printing only.

* The final 300 dpi PDF files are meant for printing only. By purchasing, you agree NOT TO SHARE the 300 dpi high resolution files with ANYONE other than your print service provider for the purpose of printing.

* Please let me know the following information in a separate message to me, to personalise your order:

1) Star Names, along with the corresponding guest list (in the format shown here below).

* Please make sure all guest names information you have provided to me is accurate and final.
* Please also remove any extra formatting, other than first letter capitalization.

Table Name
Guest Name
Guest Name
Guest Name

Table Name
Guest Name
Guest Name
Guest Name

(one below the other in single column)

The following are the Star Names I have. If you would like another Star Name which is not in the list below, I can include it for an additional fee. If you need extra, please message me before buying to discuss.

– Aldebaran (Star Of Taurus)
– Alioth (Star Of Ursa Major)
– Alpheratz (Star Of Andromeda)
– Altair (Star Of Aquila)
– Antares (Star Of Scorpius)
– Arcturus (Star Of Bootes)
– Deneb (Star Of Cygnus)
– Eltanin (Star Of Draco)
– Enif (Star Of Pegasus)
– Hadar (Star Of Centaurus)
– Hamal (Star Of Aries)
– Kaus Australis (Star Of Sagittarius)
– Mirach (Star Of Andromeda)
– Polaris (Star Of Ursa Minor)
– Rasalhague (Star Of Ophiuchus)
– Regulus (Star Of Leo)
– Rigel (Star Of Orion)
– Sirius (Star Of Canis Major)
– Spica (Star Of Virgo)
– Vega (Star Of Lyra)

You will receive the following digital files for printing at a print shop of your choice:

Place/Escort Cards
– High resolution combined PDF files for each chosen Star Name, with two cards laid out on 8.5″x11″ sheet with trim marks (each card 4.25″x4.25″ with bleed, Trim Size of each 4″x4″ foldable to 4″x2″)


STEP 1 –> Please go through the listing description.

STEP 2 –> If you don’t need any color or design changes, then add to cart / go ahead for purchase. **If you need extra customisation, then please contact me BEFORE purchase to discuss details and pricing.

STEP 3 –> On the billing page, enter your details. (You may fill only the few required fields.) Once you checkout, the payment will go through PayPal. You don’t need to register for PayPal, if you don’t already have an account. You can just directly enter credit card details on the PayPal page to pay.

STEP 4 –> After purchase and receiving your finalised text, I’ll email you the personalised final digital printable files in 2-3 days. Please go through the instructions in my email, and download the final files.

STEP 5 –> After download, transfer the final files to a USB pen/flash drive and take them to your chosen print shop for print. Please make sure you have at least 3-4 days before event to print.

* Can be printed anywhere where they offer digital printing (e.g. Office Depot, Staples, FedEx/Kinkos) or any other local professional print shop.
(For best quality, I do not recommend copy stores, drugstore print providers, consumer photo labs, etc.)

*IMPORTANT: Colors may slightly vary from screen to print due to different monitor settings, print profiles used by print shops, as well as quality of ink or paper used. This is a standard concern across the entire digital and print industry. The difference will be slight though, only a tonal variation, but if you’re fixed on getting them to match your wedding colors as close as possible, then please discuss that with me prior to purchase. You’ll have to get a sample palette printed at the print shop of your choice, before confirming with me to use the same color on your final design.



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* All files provided (as well as the subsequent print/s) are for personal (or non-profit) use only. (In case you purchase the Event Planner/Agency License, you may use the design to print and display for one client or one event only.)
* Sharing the files is limited to only sharing with your chosen print shop for the purpose of printing.
* Reselling, imitation, modifying, or derivative work of ANY kind is NOT permitted.
* All designs remain copyright of Soumya’s Invitations (Soumya S. Mohanty).

* IMPORTANT: By purchasing from my shop you agree to have fully read, understood, and agree with all my communication – the full listing descriptions of purchased items, full Policies section, Terms of Use/Licenses, and FAQs. This is to ensure a smooth transaction for your convenience! Thank you!

Copyright © Soumya’s Invitations | Soumya S. Mohanty | All rights reserved.
Imitation, modification, or derivative works (matching items) of this design in any form, for any use, without explicit authorisation from me, is strictly prohibited.

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