Starry Night Intimate Wedding At Wedgewood Black Forest, Colorado – Customer Story

I’ve never been to the U.S.A. However, if I ever do get to visit the country, I would definitely have Colorado on my itinerary since its landscape looks straight out of a fairytale! Thanks to my customer Natalia, one of the kindest souls I’ve worked with online, to give us a glimpse into her beautiful wedding journey in Colorado.

The Bride and Groom

Natalia and Erik are both from the ‘Olympic City’ of Colorado, U.S.A. The city of athletes is cosily located at the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains, and is surrounded by mesmerising panoramic views of the mountains. She’s a regional specialist for a national sports organization, and he’s the manager of a retail store.

The Meet Cute

She grew up in Colorado Springs, and he moved there when he was younger. They met for the first time circa 2000, and have officially been a couple since 2009.

In Natalia’s words: “We met almost 20 years ago! It feels crazy to say that. We were both working in a retail store together. We started dating but parted ways. It wasn’t until a few years later, when I went on a trip to Ireland that he came back into my life. He started contacting me again while I was gone and we officially became a couple in 2009.”

A Unique Proposal

Erik proposed to Natalia through their favourite role playing game.
In Natalia’s own words: “We are both huge geeks. We play table top role playing games and he hid the ring in my dice bag before one of our games. When I poured out my dice, the ring came out with them!”

The Venue: Wedgewood Black Forest, Colorado Springs

They chose Wedgewood Black Forest which is only about 30 minutes drive away from the popular local attraction Garden Of Gods (a public park which is a 1300 acres of sandstone formation offering picturesque hiking trails).

Natalia says: “It was a small venue in a really beautiful area with pine trees and a few aspens. We both loved the atmosphere. It wasn’t too stuffy or high end, but still beautiful. Having a wedding in the middle of a pandemic was interesting. We originally picked our date two years prior, so we had no idea what was in store for us. The venue went out of their way to make sure everyone was safe.”

The Celestial Decor

The couple picked my Starry Night Table Names and matching Seating Chart for seating their guests. They had 9 tables, each named after a constellation of the starry night sky. On being asked if there was any special reason or sentiment why she chose a starry night theme for her reception, she explained, “We both love stars. I used to take night sky pictures and he always helped me. It was also a color scheme we both liked, dark navy blue and silver.”

Here’s the rest of the excerpt from my customer, Natalia’s interview:

Where did you source your decor items from, or how did you put them together? Did you need to hire a wedding planner?

We didn’t have a wedding planner, just a day-of coordinator through the venue. We didn’t go over the top with decorations. The table name cards and seating chart from you were perfect, and we picked blue and white table linens. The only other decorations were some moon coasters with our names and the date on them. They were from another vendor on Etsy. We did have flowers on the tables too. They were through the venue’s florist.

What did your guests say about your unusual theme (decor)?

They loved it! Everyone thought it was really nice. Simple, but well done.

What was your experience working with me?

Working with you was wonderful. Your instructions were clear and you responded to me right away. You were able to get the designs to us faster than your listed times. I couldn’t have asked for more. They were perfect.

Where did you print the cards and poster you got from me? Were you happy with the print shop’s service?

I got everything printed at a FedEx/Kinko’s. They did a great job. They helped me get the table names printed on both sides and the colors came out just right.

Is there anything else you would like to share with me and the readers?

I can’t think of anything, but I do want to say that of all the designs for a star themed wedding decor, yours were by far my favorite. I was worried about working with downloaded files but I didn’t need to be. I’m so glad I chose you!

Thank you so much Natalia!


What Next?

Planning a celestial themed wedding or event? Check out all my Celestial and Starry Night themed items. Not sure of your event’s theme yet? Go through all my Collections here for a variety of themes. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact me.

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